The Didactics of Bilingual Education: Disciplinary Teaching and Language


  • Georges Faustin Koumje École Normale Supérieure, University of Yaoundé 1, Cameroon.



Didactics, Disciplinary teaching, Learning process, Epistemic contents, Integrated learning, Knowledge transmission.


The didactics of teaching and language are pioneer subjects to be considered, when learning any particular language. This article puts to light the specificity of the learning process through different approaches such as: the comprehensive input and the balance approach. The theory of joint action, which constitutes the theoretical frame of reference for this work, will allow us to grasp two essential aspects of the relationship between disciplinary knowledge and language. The findings showed that there is a close interdependence of disciplinary knowledge and language. The social function of transmitting knowledge of language is now universally accepted in the scientific community: knowledge is acquired through participation in mediated experiences in communication with an expert. The acquisition of language and the acquisition of disciplinary knowledge are, however, treated as two distinct domains, as if thought were a purely mental object without a necessary relation to language.


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Koumje, G. F. (2018). The Didactics of Bilingual Education: Disciplinary Teaching and Language. International Journal of Educational Technology and Learning, 4(1), 8–12.