The Importance of Knowing and Applying the Standards in A Scientific Research


  • Irida HOTI University “ Luigj Gurakuqi” Faculty of Social Sciences, Albania.
  • Rina MUKA University “ Luigj Gurakuqi ”, Faculty of Sciences of Education, Albania.



Evaluation, Scientific research, Plagiarism, Standards.


The importance of knowing and applying the standards in scientific research at University is of a great value, because it first avoids plagiarism and secondly shows originality. In this paper we will represent the scientific research standards as one of the principal criteria for student’s evaluation. Scientific research as an original presentation of a course task or dissertations at university requires being effectively based on standards, which show the quality of the written work. So a variety of exercises that provide serious practice in both learning and writing process and developing a final written paper can affect the quality of a written paper. An important feature is the reference on which a researcher is relied on. This reference must be used effectively into the body of the writing, as to fit with the whole idea of the writing. If writing is considered a repeated process with progressive and regressive phases, in this way must be conceptualized the first difficulties faced by the new researcher (our student). So the approaches and methods used in doing a scientific research, the application of its standards lead to a great evaluation.


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HOTI, I., & MUKA, R. (2017). The Importance of Knowing and Applying the Standards in A Scientific Research. International Journal of Educational Technology and Learning, 1(1), 1–5.